Finding a new IT Managed Service Provider is an important decision for any business. There will be a significant amount of internal time invested into the selection process which is a task that you do not what to repeat regularly. The below checklist is a guide that can be used during your search for a new provider.

  • Hours of operation – Determine the hours that your require IT support for. If your business requires 24×7 support, check how the MSP facilities this type of service. MSPs should be able to explain their service desk shifts and how they are scheduled to facilitate their operating hours.
  • Service reporting – Reporting is critical to measure the service being provided by the MSP. Ask for service reporting templates to check the MSPs reporting categories. Reporting provides an insight into the setup of their ticket system, the most important tool of any service desk.
  • Company structure – Ask for an organisational diagram to gain an understanding of the business is structured. And most importantly go to the office to meet the team that your business will be relying on every day for IT support.
  • Cyber Security – Request information on the MSPs internal cyber security policies. The MSPs is likely to have the master to key all of your data and IP. It’s important they have measures in place to protect your business.
  • Three reference checks from current clients – The MSP should be more than willing to provide this if they want your business.