During the Christmas period I always find some quiet time to read up on products frequently used and try to identify available features that might not be getting used to their full potential. Commonly I find that we are only using 40% of the features available with a product.

The Microsoft Office 365 Admin Centre provides a suite of reporting with valuable information that can be used to raise a number of questions about usage that you may or may not be aware of.

Office Activations – The number of activations registered for each user by device. The type of the device these activations are registered on i.e. PC, MAC or Mobile.

Q. Are these devices company devices or personal devices? Do you have an IT policy that covers the use of the company O365 subscription on personal devices?

Mailbox Usage – Information per mailbox on item counts, storage used & quota status.

Q. Are users storing data in their mailboxes instead of shared storage that is accessible to all? Should this data be stored in your CRM? Are there frequent reports of slow email? Do you have an email archive policy in place to combat large mailboxes?

OneDrive Activity – The information is broken down by user to determine the numbers of files viewed or edited, the number of files synced, files shared internally or externally.

Q. How are your users sharing data externally? Do you have procedures in place to review how data is being externally sharing from your organisation? How are you protecting your IP?

These reports are only a snapshot of what is available out of the box from the Microsoft Office 365 portal. Learn More.