IT advisory and consultancy services


IT strategy and consulting services in Sydney Inner West

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, technology is at the centre of your business operations, but it can be hard to determine which investments are the right ones for you.

Our IT strategy and consulting services can help you make informed decisions, choosing technologies that will assist in reaching your goals today and optimising tomorrow. Our advisory services can assist you with:

Best practice review and roadmap

Using our proven structured framework, our consultants will map your IT landscape, to uncover any inefficiencies that can cost you time and money.

We will then deliver our recommendations and a roadmap to align and prioritise IT initiatives with your business goals and strategy.

Aligning IT and business strategy

Technology can provide a significant competitive advantage, if it is aligned with your broader business strategy. Misalignment can result in conflicting priorities, poor investments, and general disruption to your workforce. Our consultants can work with you to create greater alignment, and ensure your technology is a business enabler, not a distraction.

Holistic IT management

Managing your IT is about more than just keeping you up and running. With the rapid pace of change in today’s landscape, it’s critical that you keep ahead of the game. We can help you take a holistic view of your IT landscape, understand how it aligns with your business strategy and plans and make the right investments to future-proof your business.

Technology solutions

The investment in your IT solutions can be significant. When you consider upfront costs coupled with ongoing running and maintenance costs, you want to make sure you have the right solutions that will enable your team, not distract them. Our expert team can work with you to design and deliver solutions that help you reach your business goals.

Disaster recovery planning

From staff error to catastrophic global crisis, the scenarios that can impact your business come in many forms. Our consultants work with you to survey your IT landscape, understand your risk profile, and assess your preparation, to deliver recommendations and solutions to prepare you to weather any storm.

IT project management

A dedicated, experienced project team is crucial to deliver return on investment, but it can be resource intensive.
Our project team have extensive experience planning, executing, monitoring and measuring IT projects to
deliver on-time and on-budget to ensure you get
the results you need.